Project Name

Ardgour Valley Orchards
apricot and cherry orchard

Ardgour Valley Orchards spans 38 hectares within Ardgour Station, Tarras – a sheep and beef property owned and operated by the Jolly family since 1955.

Two thirds of the orchard has been set aside to produce new apricot varieties NZ Summer 2, 3 and 4, especially bred for New Zealand conditions by Plant and Food Research’s Clyde site,Central Otago and selected for commercialisation. Ross and Sharon Kirk have chosen these varieties for colour, flavour and appearance attributes. The rest of the orchard has been allocated for the production of a mix of red-fleshed and white-fleshed cherries.

Approximately 9,000 apricot trees and 1,200 cherry trees were planted in winter 2020, with additional plantings of 6,000 apricot trees and 7,000 cherry trees scheduled for 2021 and 2022.

Hortinvest was commissioned in 2016 to conduct a feasibility study into developing a portion of land for horticultural use, following the Jolly family’s desire to diversify into horticulture. Hortinvest will manage all orchard, harvest and export operations for Ardgour Valley Orchards.

Apricots ready for picking
Image of apricots on a branch
Cross section of a cherry
Long shot of Ardgour Valley Orchards
Image of apricots on a branch
Photo of apricots on a tree