Cherry development

Lindis River cherry orchard

The Lindis River cherry development encompasses 36 hectares of pastoral land in the Lindis Valley, Central Otago. Depending on the success of the offer, Deep Creek Fruits will have the option to increase the Lindis River development to 80 hectares in total.

Deep Creek Fruits has collaborated with the landowners of historic Lindis Peaks Station – a family owned and operated sheep and beef business seeking to diversify land use – to establish a cherry orchard for global production.

The first trees were planted in August 2019 with a second planting scheduled for winter 2020. If the cherry development is increased to 80 hectares, the final planting will take place in winter 2021.

With a natural elevation of up to 400 metres above sea level, the Lindis River site is ideal for premium cherry production as it is less prone to frosts in the critical spring blossoming and fruit-set period.

The first Lindis River cherries will be harvested in the summer of 2021-2022. Trees are expected to reach full mature production in 2025-2026.

Southern Fruits International LP will provide all packhouse and export services to Deep Creek in relation to this development.

Tractor carrying cherry trees
Tractor carries cherry trees for planting
Tractor plowing rows for cherry tree planting
Tractor with snowy mountains in the background
Man checks tag on freshly planted cherry tag
Picture of newly planted row of cherry trees