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Seasonal work will be available over the next few months for a range of jobs including, but not limited to, tree care, pruning and net construction.
If you are interested in applying for a seasonal job, please apply via the link below.

Seasonal work will be available for the cherry harvest in Central Otago in late 2021.
Jobs will be available for pickers, bucket lifters, forklift drivers and cleaners.
Assistance with accommodation and transport may be available.

Apply here.
Phone HR:
+64 27 499 5441

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Hortinvest requires seasonal harvest workers at various times throughout the year. Please fill in the form to register your interest and receive email updates.

Other employment opportunities

Tree training: March to late April
Pruning: May to July
Planting: late August to September

Harvest season
Full season: late December 2021 to late February 2021 (variable*)
Peak season: early January 2022 to early February 2022 (variable*)
* Indicative times only

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Hortinvest is an approved Supplementary Seasonal Employer. This allows us to recruit temporary visa holders already in New Zealand to plant, maintain, harvest or pack crops when there are not enough New Zealanders available to do the work.

Woman works with young cherry sappling
Orchard workers planting cherry trees from back of tractor
Tractor mowing between rows of trees
Worker tends to cherry tree
Orchard worker planting saplings
Buckets of cherries