New Zealand

Cherries from Central Otago, New Zealand are renowned for being among the best in the world – the pick of the world’s premium crop. Year on year, global cherry exports from New Zealand continue to increase.

What makes Central Otago cherries so special?

Seasonal growth
Central Otago’s secret ingredient to growing superior summerfruit is due to its four distinct seasons ranging from some of the hottest in New Zealand in summer to some of the coolest in winter.
Mineral-rich soils
A geographic advantage is our mineral-rich soils which are fed by glacial streams. Irrespective of the season, our climate is characterised by the lowest rainfall in the country, low humidity and plenty of sunshine, especially at altitude where so many of our orchards are set.
Picturesque mountains
The clear blue skies, picturesque mountain ranges and pristine lakes of the Southern Alps region provide the perfect backdrop for our orchards.


Sonnet cherries are beautifully large, heart-shaped and glossy, with a dark red hue that makes them perfect for premium-quality global export. In season late December.

Sandra Rose

Sandra Rose cherries are large with a dark red, lustrous skin. They look incredible when packed and are sweet and flavourful. In season late December.


Santina cherries ripen earlier than other varieties, making them perfect for those looking to capture the early seasonal market. In season late December.


Sweet Lapin cherries have a wonderfully rich red tone. As a crop, this variety produces consistent high quality fruit. In season early January.


Highly distinctive and flavoursome, Stardust cherries are a large, firm, blush variety with bright red skin and cream flesh. These are the only white-fleshed cherries we grow. In season early January.


Sweetheart cherries are often considered the best cherries to come from New Zealand. They frequently produce a high yield, are extremely sweet and can withstand shipping conditions well. In season mid-January.


Kordia cherries are a black variety, popular for their unusual heart-shaped appearance, large fruit size and excellent flavour. In season mid-January.


Staccato cherries are one of the most popular investment choices. This heart-shaped cherry is sweet yet mild, making it loved the world over. In season late January.

Export cherries can be pre-ordered from September. Get in touch with our team by emailing us. Summer cherries are available for delivery in New Zealand. Visit the Southern Fruits website.


  • Sonnet
  • Sandra Rose
  • Santina
  • Sweetheart
  • Staccato


  • Lapin
  • Stardust
  • Sweetheart
  • Kordia
  • Staccato
  • Sweetheart
  • Staccato


  • Sweetheart
  • Staccato

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