Lindis Peaks orchard

Location: Lindis Valley, Central Otago

Land: 80.6 Hectares

Elevation: 400m

Aerial view of Lindis Peaks orchard

Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP collaborated with the landowners of historic Lindis Peaks Station – a family owned and operated sheep and beef business – to establish this significant cherry orchard.

Project start date


Orchard reaches maturity


The nearby mountains provide a spectacular backdrop for the Lindis Peaks orchard.
The snow-capped mountains provide a spectacular backdrop for the Lindis Peaks orchard.
A purpose-built planting machine designed by Ross Kirk enables the crew to plant up to 900 trees an hour.
The planting team, including Liam Kirk, can plant up to 10,000 plants a day if soil conditions are optimal.
Once planted, plastic sleeves are slipped on to give young trees the best possible start.
The single leader growing method is used to maximise yield, fruit quality and tree health.
Lindis Peaks
Lindis Peaks
Lindis Peaks

As Lindis Peaks Station has access to water from the Clutha River, this precious resource is assured for the orchard.


cherry trees planted


first harvest


varieties growing

Choosing the best

Cherry varieties growing at Lindis Peaks have been selected to meet the demands of export clients.

Progressive cherries

A mix of cherry varieties that are consistently great tasting are harvested progressively during summer.

Cherries love the cold

Cherries require some colder weather in the winter to perform well – and the clear blue skies of Central Otago deliver!

With a natural elevation of up to 400 metres, Lindis Peaks is ideal for premium cherry production because it is less prone to frosts in the critical spring blossoming and fruit-set period

Lindis Peaks cherries

Delivering cherries around New Zealand

New Zealand cherry lovers can buy Beyond cherries online for next-day delivery anywhere except rural areas. Available in cherry season only.