Southern Fruits International LP and Lindis Coolpac

Location: Lindis Valley, Tarras

Land: 8.4 Hectares

Elevation: 420m

Southern Fruits International exports and markets luxurious Beyond brand cherries between December and February. Cherries from Lindis Peaks and Mt Pisa orchards are packed at the Lindis Coolpac packhouse.

Project start date


Project completion


The Lindis Coolpac packhouse has the capacity to accommodate up to 70 staff including packers, QA teams, forklift, and machinery operators during the peak harvest period.
Technical consultant Liam Kirk specialises in operating the Compac grading system which uses optical technology to accurately assess fruit.
Our packing and filling solutions are capable of consistent, high-speed filling at precise weights.
Every part of our technology has been designed to be as gentle as possible as cherries move through the packing shed.
We focus on producing a “one touch cherry” where the cherry is touched by hand only at harvest.

Establishing benchmarks for the global cherry industry


cherry processor

60 tonnes

daily capacity

72 hours

from packing to customer

From greenfield site to leading-edge packhouse

Packhouse construction begins

After clearing and preparing the site, the first consignments of steel arrived for packhouse construction to begin in mid-2022.

Capping off a productive year

It was a milestone moment when the roof was installed at Lindis Coolpac and focus turned to outfitting the high-tech facility.

Two years in the making

From concept to delivery, the Lindis Coolpac packhouse was operational and staffed by the summer of 2022.

Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk oversaw construction of the packhouse by Tuatara Structures, along with project partner and landlord, Mackersy Properties. The packhouse was launched for the 2022 harvest.

State of the art packhouse

The packhouse has a footprint of more than 4,500 square metres and is outfitted with some of the world’s latest grading and packing technology from TOMRA Fresh Food and software from Radford Software which integrates with field software by Dataphyll to provide full traceability.

Cutting-edge technology

The Lindis Coolpac packhouse employs cutting-edge technology that focuses on delivering premium quality fruit that consistently exceeds expectations.

Ongoing developments

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